Located in Northwest Columbus and serving immigration clients throughout the United States and internationally, Latif Law LLC, provides quality and cost-effective representation for individuals with immigration issues. 

We have extensive experience handling a wide range of U.S. immigration and naturalization matters, including:



Family Visas

Fiancée Visas




Removal and Deportation



Citizenship and Naturalization

Are you eligible for naturalization? Latif Law, LLC can help you with ensuring your eligibility, gathering all required documents, and even tutoring you to help you pass the language and history testing requirements


We can assist you with adjusting your status from a temporary (non-immigrant) to a legal permanent resident, and walk you through the intricacies of the process!




We can also offer guidance and assistance with:

B-1: Temporary travelers with business-related purposes
B-2: Short-term business, tourism, or pleasure
E: Citizens from treaty countries whose purpose in visiting is related to trade and commerce
F, M: Student or academic
H-1B: "Specialty occupation" workers, whose jobs require highly specialized knowledge and education, or who are involved in governmental research and development projects concerning the U.S. and another country
H-2(A or B): Temporary worker
J: Student exchange
K: Fiancés and spouses of U.S. citizens
L: Intracompany transferees of multinational corporations
O: Individuals who possess extraordinary ability or have made significant achievements and are visiting for the purpose of performing or demonstrating their work
P: Internationally recognized artists, athletes, or entertainers who are visiting for purposes relating to their work

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